Robots, Sensors & Humans - Benefits & Challenges of the Implementation of Robotic Systems in Hazardous Environments Seminar

Florida International University -  Modesto Maidique Campus, Miami, Florida

The TechNeeds Seminars are a collaboration between the Applied Research Center of Florida International University and WM Symposia. Each seminar focuses on the current research and development needs for a rapidly emerging technology.  

On May 3 and 4, development managers from government and industry met for a two-day seminar to discuss the state of technology for robotics and sensing in a radiation environment. The product of the seminar was a list of the technology needs as seen by those at the forefront of this field. 

Robotics is occupying a vital role in the decommissioning and remediation of nuclear facilities throughout the world. The needs and results have occupied global news as devices were able to enter Fukushima Unit 2 and measure dose rate at 530 sieverts per hour.  



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